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Based on the personal experiences of ITS Students invent doormat vacuum cleaner

Rizky Nafiar Rafiandi, a student of ITS Surabaya travel malang juanda creates a versatile doormat serves as a vacuum cleaner, so the existing dirt from sticking on the surface, but rather directly sucked. In creating his findings these Kotsev, assisted by his colleagues.

Scott said that the recordings of the vacuum cleaner called Doormatics that originated from personal experience when he cleans the floor, his brother suddenly came and soiling the floor again.

At that time, his brother was already clean feet on a doormat, but due to the doormat is also dusty, dirty floor back then. Therefore himself wanted to make a doormat that automatically absorbs impurities.

With the idea of eventually he invites friends to make it together, and then they proposed a Program of student Creativity (PKM) to the Directorate General of higher education (higher education) to realize the tool.

Proposalpun acceptable, and they get funds amounting to Rp7,5 million from Ditjen higher education to realize the "Doormatics".

Rizky mmengatakan that the Innovation it can suppress spending the cost of salaries of employees in a company, because it reduces the amount of attendant cleaning service.

In the process of making the majors versatile doormat of electrical engineering that has employed one of ITS workshops in the area of Semolowaru, Surabaya, Indonesia.

The reason menggandengn workshop in the process of making kesetnya Rizky says, because there are several related constraints making this versatile doormat. One of the barriers are is the bottleneck in optimizing performance of a doormat. The time of manufacture, they have difficulty in increasing the suction power dust on the doormat. They also trouble in making construction had engineer.

With the help of the workshop that, Scott and timmnya finally succeeded in creating a Doormatics that requires electrical power of about 380 Watts. And they escaped following the Weekend National Student Scientific (Pimnas) 27th in Semarang. (Between)

doormat vacuum cleaner
A doormat as the Danube Furyokuki (image: langitberita)
Previous two years ago the concept of doormat suction ever developed by the Danube Furyokuki. Very smart idea, basically a doormat serves to remove dirt from shoe soles are treading the doormat automatically. The way it works is quite practical, you just stand on the doormat and doormat will suck all kinds of dirt or dust that stuck to the soles of your shoes.

According to Furyokuki, "so far, the doormat is often leased to those interested, this mat has an unusual concept, due to its versatility." A set of recordings of this length 1 m and width 50 cm. But unfortunately, the installation still feels expensive if a doormat was placed in the home, for the cost of installation for one setnya only cost around $ 6,250. (langitberita)

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