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Based on the personal experiences of ITS Students invent doormat vacuum cleaner

Rizky Nafiar Rafiandi, a student of ITS Surabaya travel malang juanda creates a versatile doormat serves as a vacuum cleaner, so the existing dirt from sticking on the surface, but rather directly sucked. In creating his findings these Kotsev, assisted by his colleagues.

Scott said that the recordings of the vacuum cleaner called Doormatics that originated from personal experience when he cleans the floor, his brother suddenly came and soiling the floor again.

At that time, his brother was already clean feet on a doormat, but due to the doormat is also dusty, dirty floor back then. Therefore himself wanted to make a doormat that automatically absorbs impurities.

With the idea of eventually he invites friends to make it together, and then they proposed a Program of student Creativity (PKM) to the Directorate General of higher education (higher education) to realize the tool.

Proposalpun acceptable, and they get funds amounting to Rp7,5 million from Ditjen higher education to realize the "Doormatics".

Rizky mmengatakan that the Innovation it can suppress spending the cost of salaries of employees in a company, because it reduces the amount of attendant cleaning service.

In the process of making the majors versatile doormat of electrical engineering that has employed one of ITS workshops in the area of Semolowaru, Surabaya, Indonesia.

The reason menggandengn workshop in the process of making kesetnya Rizky says, because there are several related constraints making this versatile doormat. One of the barriers are is the bottleneck in optimizing performance of a doormat. The time of manufacture, they have difficulty in increasing the suction power dust on the doormat. They also trouble in making construction had engineer.

With the help of the workshop that, Scott and timmnya finally succeeded in creating a Doormatics that requires electrical power of about 380 Watts. And they escaped following the Weekend National Student Scientific (Pimnas) 27th in Semarang. (Between)

doormat vacuum cleaner
A doormat as the Danube Furyokuki (image: langitberita)
Previous two years ago the concept of doormat suction ever developed by the Danube Furyokuki. Very smart idea, basically a doormat serves to remove dirt from shoe soles are treading the doormat automatically. The way it works is quite practical, you just stand on the doormat and doormat will suck all kinds of dirt or dust that stuck to the soles of your shoes.

According to Furyokuki, "so far, the doormat is often leased to those interested, this mat has an unusual concept, due to its versatility." A set of recordings of this length 1 m and width 50 cm. But unfortunately, the installation still feels expensive if a doormat was placed in the home, for the cost of installation for one setnya only cost around $ 6,250. (langitberita)

Aneka Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 3)

Still like the previous article: "Assorted Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 2)". This kitchen set malang time the post discusses a few tips how to and how to make it work and the problems often encountered in the home can be solved easily and practically. Hopefully useful '

Clean your gold and silver have already faded-rub the baking soda paste ready-made mix water, rinse and pat dry.
Making gemstone jewelry cleaner-Use a solution of one tablespoon of ammonia with a cup of water.
Put up more details off your jewelry-Squirt into hole Nail Polish varnish a place holder that gemstones and enter that stone then press and pat dry.
Prevent fading of imitation jewel-lightly coat thin-thin imitation jewels with clear nail polish.
So that the dishwasher worked fine, cleaner-put a little vinegar into it.
Create a shiny refrigerators-Rub the outside of the freezer/refrigerator with wet sponges were given bicarbonate of soda.
In order for the dry battery hold longer-save the meetings in bags, plastic wrap with aluminum foil, then store in refrigerator.
Clean the wax from its place-Put a candle in the freezer the fridge, then melt the wax would be easy to removed.
Remove scratches on plastic wristwatch-Dampen cotton bud with nail polish, then rub it on scratch-scratch it until it's gone.
How to clean furniture engraving-use a used toothbrush to clean up the sidelines, then use pelitur with a brush.
Remove the ink stain from a lacquered piece of furniture – scrub with a soft rag moistened mixture of vinegar and linseed oil with a 1:1 comparison.
Eliminate the smell of mildew from suitcase/bag-put the SOAP in it before suitcases/bags stored for long.
Eliminate the former smoke that sticky on the tools of wood-wooden Brush with a mixture of starch and water, once dry clean.
How to kitchen floor Shiner-add sour milk into water, then MOP the floor with liquid, the floor will be kinclong.
Removing rust from chrome-Rubs disposable aluminum foil.
Remove stains from Clothes-shoe Polish Wear carbon tetrachloride or alk0h0l cleanser.
Remove stains from porcelain r0k0k-rub the stain with a cork that had been smeared salt.
Make your own ink eraser-Mix 1 part liquid bleach to 10 parts water.
Shiner utensils-scrub with cleaner, then alk0h0l will remain shiny.
Removing coffee stains-Rub salt and vinegar mixture usage/wear powder OXAL (like white flour) buy at the drug store chemical, can also to smudges clothes.
Make your own liquid cleaner furniture-Combine 2 parts olive oil to 1 part vinegar, used in the State.
Make your own cleaners from silver objects-use toothpaste or baking soda, both material that is reliable shine silver objects.
The cleaner goods from copper-Wear paste of salt in vinegar mix.
Clean your diamond ring-wear secondhand toothbrush and toothpaste, rub, rinse, and clean.
Eliminate scratches-scratches in furniture-Use engine oil or shoe Polish.
In order for the Clothesline clothespin wood more durable-hard boiled briefly in salt solutions.
How storage Curtains/blinds-plastic While folding up, sprinkle the powder talk in each flap.
Make emergency clothes-brush Wrap cellotape around the hand with the sticky part facing out, wear clothes for brushing.
So the clothes don't nyangkut di hangers-Grease the parts that are sharp or rough with clear nail polish.
Useful tips for knitting-Put a roll of linen in socks nylon, thread will be pulled out easily without snagging.
So no shiny pants-Mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water, dip a small piece of cloth into it then squeezed and emphasize on the pants.
Prevent yellowing-nylon Washers with a little baking soda then rinse with water.
How to clean velvet so that as new-brush to clean and then hanging on top of the steam/hot water.
Make a needle bearing can be sharp needles-Bantalannya filled steel wool.
Preserve threads-save thread with melilitkannya in mothballs.
How to cut fabric hairy-Wear a razor to cut on the back of his mantle.
Sewing materials slick waxy paper Paste-on fabric to be stitched with a hem (brace), after the seam is completed then the paper can be torn off.
The easy way to picking up the needle-needles that fall scattered-Wear iron magnet to search for needles that fall.

Aneka Tips Lightly in everyday life (part 4)

Here's some tips on how to and how to create jobs and the problems often encountered in the home can be solved easily and practically. Hopefully useful '

So the milk doesn't scorch time heated-add a bit of sugar, but do not stir.
Cutting the cheese-use a blunt knife to cut the cheese.
How to peel an onion without skyrocket watery eyes and sore-Kupaslah while dikucuri the water from the tap.
The way memlilih fresh eggs-Eggs (new) long smooth and hard, fresh eggs is rough and uneven.
How to reduce the acidity of the coffee-Give a little bit of salt.
Deodorizer for refrigerator-Put an open box of baking soda in the fridge.
Handle due to fat-spills Immediately flush with water ice up to a raised before it got fat absorb into.
Discard the remaining threads of wool-with wet sponge, apply it slowly. Or use the isolation of large, Brown duct tape wound on the hand with the sticky part on the outside and then paste-paste the patda cloth so the rest of the thread will move to duct tape.
Caring for leather upholstery-Every 3 months the brush with the milk powder.
Improve skin blisters-blisters that perlak-cover the blister with the same colored pelitur, when dry replace it with clear nail polish.
Prevent skin perlak cracked-any used strong-strong, rub with your hands and then with a soft cloth.
Fix the baby shoes blisters-blisters-rub the shoes with the egg whites.
Tip time buy shoes-shop for shoes in the afternoon, when the morning walk tends to dilate.
Melunakkansepatu rigid hard-cut raw potatoes and rub it into the shoe.
In order to make leather shoes soft durable black-wash with warm water and then apply the castroli.
How to soften leather shoes-scrub with a sponge that is named black coffee.
Remove stains from white shoes-Scrub with a solution of vinegar in the water.
In order to remain green vegetables cooked-time intermittently open lid Cook during the process of cooking.
Obtain orange juice from a lemon that's been dry-Cooked first few minutes in boiling water.
Slicing onions more quickly and neatly-do not peel the skin used to be bawangnya, it will be easier mengirisnya.
How to remove olive oil taste-Give a little bit of salt.
How to keep fruit fresh to-do not washed until the fruit is ready to be used and keep in the refrigerator until ready to use.
How to cut a cake soggy so neat-Brush cutting blade with butter before use.
How to cut frozen cakes-dip the knife into hot water each time the cut will be used.
Make a fluffy omelet-add a teaspoon of corn starch into the egg batter.
Prevent rancid-smelling spices-Sprinkle the seasoning with one spoon of granulated sugar.
Eliminate odors when cooking cabbage-cabbage enter two pieces of walnuts to them.
In order to keep a clean white cauliflower-Pour a little milk into water to boil the cauliflower.
Separate the egg whites with the egg red-figured out the eggs and tumpahkan into a small funnel; the egg white will flow out while the yolk stays on top.
In order to keep it fresh-vegetable Put tissue at the base the keg place vegetable store, it will absorb the moisture that causes fast stinking vegetable.
In order to make the meat look always fresh-cover the side pieces of the former with the lettuce leaves.
Refreshes hardwood-soak the lettuce in cold water that given a little lemon juice, put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Accessory Loom Band Turned Out To Be A Trigger For Cancer

Band Loom accessories turns out to have carcinogens and can cause cancer, but nevertheless a number of parents are proud to see her son capable of stringing colorful rubber (rubber band) into a band that looks captivating loom when worn.

Lately this accessory so poluler among children aged 5 to 12 years old, the age at which a child is sitting on the bench kindergarten to junior high school. In working on it, this handicraft demands of a child to be more creative, and patient.

The old man who found his son produces series of the dengajn crafts is proud to flaunt it on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Path.

Although the oration of beautiful Band Loom, but saved something scary. The results of tests conducted by the British Assay Office to see the purity of the substance, discovered that the entire band loom products contain harmful chemicals.

A spokesman from the British Assay Office said, in testing it demonstrated the existence of a usage that exceeds the reasonable limits of phthalates for use in some kind of handicraft products loom this band.

"Phthalates have carcinogens and can cause cancer," said a spokesman of the Assay Office was quoted as saying Monday, Mirror (1/9/2014)

He also says that Phthalates can migrate from the plastic into the body if they are exposed to saliva and perspiration. If it is left continuously, have an impact on the occurrence of cancer.

Phthalates are esters of flatat acid (acid or benzene-1.2-dicarboxylic). Generally used as a plasticzer to make all the plastic more flexible and easier processing. And most are mixed into various cosmetic products, car seats and motorcycle, paints, glue, plastic toys and kids. [Source: Health]

Car Wash tips at home

Tips for washing the car in RumahMemiliki car well-maintained is always yearning for any car owner. All parts of the cars should be cared for properly, such as the exterior of the car certainly has a great benefit because it will be seen directly from the view of the beholder.

Every inch of her cat has the value the beauty and economy are quite high. Seen in terms of price, because the paint also, resale value of a car can survive in high prices.

So the beauty of the ekstrior remains as part of the new, then it is an obligation for you as an owner to take care of him properly. One way is by washing the car, this is an early stage to maintain the condition of the paint to stay awake. In addition if the car looks dirty then it will berkuranglah its beauty.

The following Car Wash Tips you need to consider:

1. Do not wash in a place too hot sun-In a place like this will make the SOAP dry fast and leave stains former SOAP. Plus, if there is dirt or dust stuck again, will instead make the cat beret when rubbed. Things like this need to anticipate and prevent does not make the cat beret alias appear the sign of the line.

2. do not spray the cat with a pressure that is too large-it is worth noting, that aims to let dirt more easily, while also saving water.

3. Wipe dry with Kanebo-this will keep the car dry fast and leave no traces on the car paint. In using Kanebo should also pay attention to in order to try to wipe the moment with a one-way movement, this is useful to prevent chafing on the paint and not return the dirt stick. (Please read: "how to use Kanebo Laps/Chamois")

4. Select the car shampoo containing a little silicone-this is also important because shampoos that contain a lot of content of silicon will make the paint more quickly faded. (Please read: "Tips on choosing car wash Shampoo")

Tips on choosing car wash shampoo

Tips on choosing Washing shampoo mobilMencuci car is part of the treatment that should be done on a regular basis by the owner of the vehicle, some say that the condition of the car showing the nature of the owner.

In washing the car of course we must know how to let our cars clean and charming. In a wash, in addition to how to clean right, as car owners need to also note the shampoo to be used, rather than want to get the results masksimal even your car get worse

Shampoo that is used for washing the car turns can also be very dangerous if not cared for properly. Especially the composition turned out could just make the paint more quickly faded. This is a result of the use of silicon.

Shampoos that contain a lot of content of silicon will make the paint more quickly faded.

Many car shampoo ads who insists that its products contain silicone, so it's good to re-examine the shampoo you are using.

In addition to the material silicon, it turns out there are other materials more secure i.e. made from natural or organic. For example materials kaolin clay and carnauba wax.

To note also the label stamped on the container car Shampoo, there are some products that have a shampoo label green ' or safe for the environment. But in Indonesia it is today many products that use this label only, but in fact did not meet the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

Safe Driving Tips

Driving a vehicle on the streets is absolutely necessary prudence, because all you are driving very many cracks that can lead to the occurrence of the accident.

Therefore to avoid things that are not desirable then in drive on the streets ought to be complying with all the rules and understand the proper driving manner is also obliged to note.

The following Safe Driving Tips that you can do to stay safe in the journey:

1. Check all of the condition of the vehicle before departure-check section tyres, brake oil, wind pressure or the presence of oil leaks if possible. Of course all of this serves to ensure that you are safe when along the way. If it ever occurred something quite emergency, you certainly already prepare it in advance. (see also: "Car Wash Tips at home")

2. Eliminate bad habits you while driving-some people often do things like mer0k0k, receive phone calls, eat, drink or even bersendau banter while driving. Trying to concentrate while driving, it will consider all possible avoid the mess that happens on the road, as well as accidents.

3. Turn off the engine when your car is being stopped more than 20 seconds. This is done to save fuel and to minimize the wear and tear of the machine. (Please read: "Tips on choosing Car Shampoo")